Some Success Stories

Here are a few words from past clients who have experienced Ken's treatments:

As a former Division 1 college soccer goalkeeper I’ve destroyed my body by hitting the ground so many times. I used to have a hard time getting out of bed and doing anything active. Since I’ve been going to Ken I haven’t had any issues getting out of bed or getting back to exercising at a high level of intensity. I have told everyone I know how incredible Ken is at what he does. I highly recommend using him for all of your body work needs.
— Adam S.
Master level body work! I have seen Ken for 4 years with amazing results. First he helped me release many painful areas that had been so tight that I didn’t even recognize they were painful. Now four years later my posture is straight, I move more naturally and freely, and my pain has gone. Ken is very gifted healer and bodyworker. I come in with areas that hurt or I feel imbalance and he finds the muscles that are creating the situation and works through the problem. Thanks Ken for giving me back so much function.
— Laurel R.

Ken was instrumental in rehabilitating me back from a severe disk bulge in S1-L5 and L5-L4. The top rated back surgeon in Newport told me that I could not recover. Thanks to Ken and a religious Pilates routine I am pain free. He truly is a healer! He can diagnosis what is wrong with the mechanics in your body in just a few minutes. I have referred numerous family and friends and all agree that Ken is amazing!
— Kurt K.

Ken’s skillful eye, healing words and reassuring touch make me feel safe, secure, intact and in charge. We work together to find and relieve the causes of pain which are often outside my awareness. I leave feeling lighter, lit, encouraged and empowered!
— Barbara N.
This is the only place I go to for body work! Ken knows his craft well. He is very professional, calming, and always puts me at ease. He helped me through a time of excruciating pain and now I use him for maintenance. I have no more headaches and no need to go to the chiropractor. I have also been to two people he has trained, both were exceptional as well. Would recommend to anyone!
— Katrina B.

I have never before experienced the kind of amazing care and full body approach that Ken does for you. I could not be more impressed with not only the methods used, but Ken has a legitimate healing touch. And I’m not into new age energies or anything. You can just tell that Ken is an expert in his field. I haven’t felt this good physically and just in balance in years. I can not recommend this practice enough. Thank you!
— Josh Heni